Monday, 28 February 2011

My Birthday Week!

Our drive to Birmingham was spent eating too many boiled sweets and arguing over what music we wanted but was overall, a straight forward drive. However, Gareth did have a man paddy when I got hungry and ate a snickers in the car. His fake puking noises almost made me slap hium - but love (and the fact his face was screwed up enough) stopped me from breaking his nose.

After checking into our hotel - which was like a motel from a 70's American horror flick, we decided to hit the town. After wading through the shoppers in the bullring (can see why they call it that), making a speedy exit through the market and weighing up the pros and cons of having a chinese mid afternoon - as all we could see was china town - we finally found a little gem of a pub to host us for the afternoon. The games began...

...and this was the result. Some very odd poses in public, causing some very strange looks. But hey - after what felt like the zillionth Black Sambuca and Jaegermiesters, we didn't give a shit!

So it was back to the hotel to erm...shower...and Gareth had a kip (surprise, surprise), we set off to the 02 Academy to see ...


We were absolutely knackered by the end of the gig, which showed how truly awesome it was!

Then last Saturday Gareth took me to Swansea for the day to get the Owl tattoo that I have been wanting forever. I absolutely love it and can't wait til it has healed and the colours come out a bit more. Have to say it's definately throbbing a bit now though!

I hope you like the ginger hair that it's got - Gareth's idea!!!

Thanks Gareth for a brilliant Birthday week!

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