Monday, 14 February 2011

Learner Driver

So, we're driving home from Blackwood the other night at the usual break-neck speed and out of the blue I was treated to some rare advice on driving from my husband...

Gareth: Now if you're learning don't approach a round-a-bout this fast, cos you'll crash, but its ok for me cos I just used my indicator and that just about saved us.
Me: Ok thanks (knuckles undoubtedly white)
Gareth: Oh, and you'll probably do this quite a bit at first - GIANT SWERVE - and again, you'll probably crash, but I'm a pro so its ok for me.
Me: Yeah, I'll bear that in mind hun.
Gareth: I can't believe a license is £50. £50! I mean that's extortionate that is!
My inner monologue: Ah, so that's the crux of it :)

I have therefore concluded that my husband is extremely clever, and has attempted to frighten the life out of me in a bid to change my mind about learning to drive and get out of paying £50 for a provisional license. On Yer bike Ginge!

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